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INSPIRATION: "The myth of the west"

TOP LOOKS: Caramel cotton trench coat with golden fox capelet, black saddle belt, and platform boot; brown suede tank dress with Navajo detail and fringe bottom; cowgirl-esque black and beige georgette blouse with twill jodhpurs with leather detail; Beige shearling and black cardigan with gray cashmere knit gloves and

ACCESSORIES: Saddle belts in brown and black; cowboy-inspired platform boots; fur and fringe handbags

WHO WAS THERE: Editors and retailers!

WHAT WE THOUGHT: It's unclear how the wild wild west would survive on Seventh Avenue (where would people park their ponies?) but Derek Lam's cowgirl showed some fashionable dexterity that is sure to lasso in consumers. There were cool coats to be had in spades. It all began with a caramel version with elbow-length leather sleeves. A trench coat with exaggerated shoulders and a fur capelet was also a standout. Speaking of fur, there was plenty of it including vests made of mink and golden fox, and coats made of different silver fox variations.

Less enchanting were the more literal references such as the new wave ten gallon hats and the shredded silk chiffon mini-dress made to resemble fringe. No matter though, the renegade spirit with ride on come the fall.