devi kroell fall 2010 runway fashion week

Devi Kroell's Fall 2010 runway debut. Photos: Imaxtree (3)

DESIGNER: Devi Kroell

INSPIRATION: "Cocooning, but flashier," the designer told StyleList. "You open up your outer shell and there is lace underneath."

TOP LOOKS: The opening Velvet Goldmine ensemble -- a purple broadtail overcoat with black leather lapels and glitter leggings; a metallic strapless cocktail dress over a long-sleeve sheer black bodysuit; liquid gold drop crotch pants; and bags, bags, bags in distressed and glittering iterations

ACCESSORIES: The aforementioned bags; opalescent platform wedge sandals with super strappy leather uppers; super long leather gloves; massive fur trapper hats

WHO WAS THERE: Editors and fans of Kroell's high-minded style

WHAT WE THOUGHT: For her runway debut at Fashion Week, Devi Kroell upped the ante and showed an extremely rarefied collection that read futuristic, rock 'n' roll, and expensive. Furs were delicious and refined -- dyed in rich Kool-Aid colors. Silhouettes were lean but not hard.

There were glitter leggings and long-sleeve lace tees which kept everything cool and downtown despite the overt luxury of just about everything. Kroell, who started her label with bags, really knocked it out of the park this season with the accessories. Regrettably the stunning accessories whooshed by so quickly on the catwalk that it was hard to take in all their wild, textured glory.