Jean Paul Gaultier X Melissa plastic high heel shoes black

This is what it looks like when Jean Paul Gaultier does eco-friendly. Photo: Melissa

It's a rare event that would make both Al Gore and Anna Wintour squeal (okay, okay, smirk) with delight, but we think this just might do it: Jean Paul Gaultier has announced a partnership with Brazilian eco footwear brand Melissa.

And for those who believe that "eco footwear" means ratty hemp sandals that would be laughed off the runway, think again.

The Jean Paul Gaultier X Melissa collaboration features a stunning, chiseled-heel plastic stiletto that is not only 100% recyclable, but sexy and stylish to boot.

"Working with Melissa has been a coup de pied à la mode," Gaultier said in a statement. "I've enjoyed the challenge of creating a high-heeled plastic shoe with all the values of my design ethos."

Us too, JPG. Us too.

Available in black, caramel, tangerine, lime and beige, the heel will be available this June for $320, Melissa tells StyleList.

Gaultier is just the latest high-end designer to bring a taste of the runway to this sustainable shoe brand, which uses injected thermoplastic in its planet-friendly footwear; Melissa has also teamed up with Alexandre Herchcovitch and Vivienne Westwood, among others.

And between this, the French designer's upcoming Target collection and his collaboration with Pataugas Shoes, our wardrobes are about to get one heckuva designer upgrade.

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