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Kim Kardashian at her Bebe fashion show. (With just a few bulbs going off behind her.) Photo: Jerrit Clark,

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are officially New York Fashion Week "designers," after showing their Kardashians by Bebe line today, albeit away from the tents, as part of Style360.

While Kourtney and Khloe were suspiciously absent from the runway show -- which also included a reality row of Adrienne Bailon (brother Rob's ex), JWoww from "Jersey Shore" and two of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- Kim held court as celebrity/designer and took a front row seat to see her creations strut by.

After the show, StyleList sat down with Kim for a little one-on-one.

StyleList: How do all three of your personalities come out in this collection?
Kim Kardashian:
I think we had an overall feel of sexy, but wearable. Kourtney is a little more bohemian chic and she wears everything a little more loose fitted, so she did all of the short rompers and boyfriend blazers. Khloe is a little more edgy and she did the leather leggings and the mesh dresses and I love a one-shoulder and I love super sexy, so I did all that stuff.

You've built an empire based off of your reality fame. Did you ever think that you could build a brand around yourself?
Not in a million years. But growing up, all of my friends in high school would always ask what beauty products I'm wearing and what shoes I had on. So now that I can give that on a whole bigger scale is very cool and exiting for me.

I love what I do and every project I'm involved in and I'm very hands-on. With my shoe company, I came up with the concept... so it's just not that I'm putting my face on these products for an endorsement deal, I'm actually really heavily involved in them.

It just feels good that all of this stuff is happening. I'm pleasantly surprised. I've always been a business woman so I always envisioned my life to be at a certain level, I didn't think it'd be at this level, but I definitely always envisioned a certain lifestyle for myself through my hard work and it's all paying off.

Besides the clothing and fragrance, what other areas are you dipping into?
I have fitness DVDs that I'm hoping to do more of and I'm going on QVC in the next two weeks to sell them. And I have my diet product, QuickTrim, that we found. We looked for every manufacturer to find the best, safest, most effective product. I love the fitness world, I love working out, I love exploring that world. I think feeling and looking your best is a choice and I think everybody can do what they can.

SL: Will we be seeing some of your own beauty products?
I definitely think so. I get asked all the time what my favorite beauty products are, so I'd love to find the best of what I use and make it even better.

SL: You've been celebrated for your womanly curves and backside. Did trying to accentuate those parts figure into the Bebe collection?
I think we definitely made sure that everything is body conscious. And this corset attached to this dress [points to her own Bebe ensemble] is stretch leather. So we wanted to make sure that we made clothes that are forgiving for women with curves so that everything is really flattering.

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