Photo: Gillian Koenig for StyleList

MAKEUP: Jose Rivera for Sephora PRO
HAIR: Whitney Blischke for TIGI
BEAUTY SNAPSHOT: South Park meets So Cal

THE SCOOP: 'Fall out Boy bassist (and husband to Ashlee Simpson) Pete Wentz, has always said that he wants the clothes he designs to be items that you can feel like yourself in, and the beauty experts backstage at the show for his Clandestine label Tuesday took the rocker quite literally, creating customized looks for each model based on their personality and unique style.

"The general look is rocking out your own individuality," said stylist Whitney Blischke. "Of course with Pete Wentz it's going to be rock–inspired, but we're figuring out the personal style of each of the models and then cranking it up a couple of notches and pushing it a bit further." Not an easy task, but Blischke assured us there was some symmetry to the different looks. "Everyone has some type of texture, either that we've created with an iron or crimper or by back-combing," she explained. "The general vibe is it's my friend's birthday or my friend's band is playing tonight so I am going to go out and wear jeans and tennis shoes, but I need something cool."

Second that effect for makeup. Lead artist Jose Rivera asked models three questions before determining their look: "We asked them to smile, to pose and what their favorite color was," he said. Armed with the answers, Rivera and his team got to work to creating individualized takes on downtown grunge.

The one commonality among all the ladies? A drawn-out eye and lips on the paler side. Not bright colors that are stylized, Rivera assured us, but lots of bold blues and purples smudged on the eyes with lip gloss for rocker-chic appeal.

Summed up Rivera: "It's about wearing your alter ego on the outside."

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: The Sephora Pro Beauty Team worked "in the moment" catering to individual looks and personalities. All products used, however, are available at Sephora.

All products by TIGI. Although each style was unique, Blischke used almost all products from TIGI's Rockaholic line including Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo and Aerosol Pomade for texture. She also used Flexible Hair Spray.