Photo: Getty Images

It's no longer a rumor. Today's WWD reports that Martin Scorsese is officially going to direct a television commercial for Chanel's upcoming men's fragrance.

All we know about the project is that Scorsese will direct and young Frenchman Gaspard Ulliel (of Hannibal Rising fame) will star in the spots. Ulliel is the fragrance's spokesperson, but the company has leaked nothing more about the scent or its name.

Chanel has a habit of working with renowned big-screen directors, including Baz Luhrmann and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

In the WWD article Andrea D'Avack, president of Chanel Fragrance and Beauté, is quoted as saying, "In the case of Martin Scorsese, we knew we would definitely have a man's world full of complexity that is also adrenaline-driven, and of course, amazing images."

Sounds like D'Avack is looking to appeal to the debonair tough guy in all of us.

Stay tuned -- the ads are to air worldwide in September.