Zac Posen in his Fashion Week-sponsored Starbucks lounge. Photo: Rob Loud, Getty Images for Starbucks

"Fashiontainment" was the word of the night inside Zac Posen's after-party at the Gramercy Park Hotel's Rose Bar.

"It's what has happened to fashion -- what prêt-a-porter has become," he elaborated. And "fashiontainment" is the watchword for his company, he explained to StyleList. The designer hopes to expand in the next year to retail outlets under both the Zac Posen name and that of his bridge line, Z Spoke.

Posen described the inspiration for his Fall/Winter 2010 collection, which debuted Monday at Fashion Week, as "1940s Futurism, very architectural." But he's keen to get away from his image as mainly a designer for New York socialites.

"I'm a south-of-Houston kid," he said, with his familiar, impish grin. "And if I do dress Upper East Side women it's just because I've had the immediate opportunity. But I see my clothes all over the country, and in Turkey and in Sydney and in Hong Kong. I think anyone can wear my clothes."

Asked to choose a few more words to describe his plan for the coming year, he said they were: "Communication, navigation, association..."


"...delegation," he said, again with that grin.