Cesar Galindo Fall 2010 Backstage Beauty Fashion Week

Ashunta Sheriff's modern take on the smoky eye at Cesar Galindo. Photo: Dana L. Oliver/AOL StyleList

MAKEUP: Ashunta Sheriff for Mary Kay
HAIR: Holli Smith for Redken
SNAPSHOT: "I'm with the Band" Glam

THE SCOOP: For his Fall 2010 collection, American designer Cesar Galindo went rock and roll with Joan Jett as his muse. And the hair and makeup team rounded it out with looks that were just as edgy.

Lead hair stylist Holli Smith didn't want all of the models' strands to read like that of the iconic rocker, so she perfected two different hairstyles -- a raven mullet and fringe bangs and ponytail. "Knowing Cesar's inspiration it was pretty obvious what we were going to do, but we didn't want it to be too obvious," said Smith. "But both styles are pretty messy and full of dry texture."

Ashunta Sheriff told StyleList that she has the famous Joan Jett beauty look imprinted in her mind. "I remember being an 8-year-old girl and seeing that smoky, intense eye, the lip that was there but not there, and that streaky blush," said Sheriff. "But I wanted to modernize it and bring it to 2010 with a pop of color."

Holli Smith's fun and flirty ponytail at Cesar Galindo. Photo: Dana L. Oliver/AOL StyleList

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: All products by Redken. For the short, wigged look, amp up looks with Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray and blowdry in for a matte finish. For the updo, spray Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam onto hairline and dry. Apply clip-in bangs and a ponytail extension and set style with Forceful 23.

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: All makeup by Mary Kay. Create the smoky eye by using the Midnights Eye Shadows. Apply lashes and coat with lots of Ultimate Mascara. Keep eyebrows soft for a fresh and more natural look. Brighten up cheeks with Mineral Cheek Color and finish look by boosting natural lip color with Creme Lipstick.

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