HerCut Catalysts teach your hair to behave! Photo courtesy of HerCut

When StyleList first reported on HerCut -- which is a line of styling catalysts designed to enhance your hair cut -- I thought it sounded gimmicky and, I'll be honest, I had doubts.

But at a recent press appointment, hair stylist and HerCut brand ambassador Kyan Douglas (from Queer Eye!) explained the technology behind the products to me and my doubts were replaced by curiosity.

Here's how the product works: You choose your catalyst based on your cut -- bob, pixie, shag, blunt cut or long layers -- and apply it to towel-dried damp hair from roots to ends before you use anything else, and then you blow dry.

In fact you have to blow dry because the products' molecules are heat activated and won't do anything if you air dry.

Each style catalyst has a unique molecule structure that reacts to enhance the cut, e.g. they give bobs weighted, forward movement or piece-y separation to shags.

"You get the look of the first day of your hair cut throughout the life of the cut," Kyan explained. "These products understand what your hair stylist was doing when he or she cut your hair."

Hmm. Ok.

So here's the thing: I hate washing my hair and will do anything possible to keep my hair looking good for as long as possible. Around day four my long layers start to clump together and look stringy.

I used HerCut Normal-Dry Shampoo and Light Conditioner, followed by the Long Layers Catalyst (side note: I was worried that their explicit directions to "apply from roots to ends" would make me greasy, but it didn't) and my layers look swingy and un-clumpy -- and I'm on day five. I'm going to see just how long I can coast!

HerCut is available at Sephora and if you need your own tutorial from Kyan catch him on QVC this Thursday, February 17 between 1 - 2 pm EST.