JWoww blue dress jersey shore

JWoww at the Kardashians by Bebe fashion show. Photo: George Napolitano, FilmMagic

While fashion industry insiders are saying that "Jersey Shore" cast members have been black-listed from many of the fashion shows this week due to their lowbrow status, Kim Kardashian isn't really one to judge.

Instead, she filled the front row of her Kardashians by Bebe debut at Fashion Week with two of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and the slap-happy and cleavage-happy JWoww from "Jersey Shore."

With JWoww's most likely uber-cringe-worthy fashion line coming out soon, StyleList caught up with her after the Bebe show to get the details.

StyleList: What can you tell us about your upcoming clothing line?
I'm collaborating with three designers right now and they are all close friends of mine. It's all about sexy, edgy, rock. I'm doing, like, a gothic rocker.

SL: What type of designers and brands are you looking to for inspiration?
My favorite designers are Ed Hardy and Marc Jacobs [not two designers we'd use in the same sentence, except when talking about this lawsuit]. And I like the Affliction and Diesel look, but for women.

SL: So lots of embellishment and gold foil?
Yes, yes. It's about the ripped look, the shredded look.

Your signature shirt has been described as a "boob sling"... are you going to call it that?
[Laughs] No! But I'm going to have it in the line, but it'll be different. I have that in the line and the shirt with the head scarf [that I wore on the show].

SL: When is it all out?
Hopefully we'll launch it by July.

Mark your calendars, kids. Or not.

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