Side ponytails and chic dark nails brought Paris to New York at Milly Fall 2010. Photo: Grace Gold for Stylelist

MAKEUP: Romy Soleimani for M.A.C.
HAIR: Frank Rizzieri and Kevin Ryan for RSession Tools
NAILS: Roxanne Valinoti for CND
SNAPSHOT: Young French girl in Paris

In a collection inspired by French film maker Jean-Luc Goddard, both the clothes and beauty look at Milly Fall 2010 took on a flirtatiously Parisian school girl look.

Makeup showed off lightly defined eyes, a luminous complexion and naturally youthful pink lips while hair remained playful with a side ponytail. "The casual but fun side pony is the quintessential Milly girl," said Rizzieri.

Nails vamped the sex appeal with a short rounded square shape in a deep red-purple hue. "This is the first time Milly has gone so dark on the nails. It's really young and fun," said Valinoti.

GET THE LOOK MAKEUP - After lining the top lid and inside bottom rim with the dark charcoal Eye Shadow in Wed , Soleimani dusted Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder alongside the cheekbones and temples for an ethereal yet soft glimmer. Blush in Personal Style added a light mauve healthiness to cheeks. Depending on the model's skin tone, lipsticks in satin nude tones Empowered and Equality finished off lips.

GET THE LOOK HAIR - Models enjoyed quick blowouts, and then hair was raked with fingers instead of a brush to the side and fastened with an elastic in order to give the hair more texture. L'Oréal Ellnet Hairspray guaranteed hold. Some girls sported headbands and berets down the runway as a French take on the style.

GET THE LOOK NAILS - For the French-chic inspired nail, Valinoti filed nails to a short square size, and then gently rounded the edges for a more modern look. Dark Ruby - a vampy red-purple - was applied and followed with topcoat.