Vinny Guadagnino in the house. Photo: Anderson/Vila/David Kreiger,

The cast of "The Jersey Shore" may not have turned up at Fall 2010 Fashion Week, but Jersey Shore housemate Vinny Guadagnino did make an appearance at The Daily's Beauty Bar lounge at New York City's Townhouse Spa.

The overnight star (who is rumored to be gearing up for a Jersey Shore Miami season next), walked into the fashion week spa retreat with an entourage of ladies, and I asked what services he planned to get.

"Me? I don't really care. I brought my mother here and my aunt," he said. That explains the posse.

"So you're treating moms to a day of beauty? That's nice!" I said.

"Yeah, just treating the women, not me," Guadagnino laughed. I began to grow suspicious he was secretly planning to do a little tanning, as his skin was looking pretty pale.

"Be honest -- are you getting a spray tan?" I asked.

"No, I'm not really a tan guy, I'm not a GTL guy," Guadagnino said. Not a tan guy? The Situation would so not approve!

Finally, we asked Guadagnino to tell us the latest on the Jersey Shore Miami negotiations:

"We're really excited to do it, and we hope it just goes through and, you know, get the ball rolling on it 'cause we're ready," he said.

But is Miami ready for the Shore? Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we get to find out.