Backstage beauty at Threeasfour Fall 2010. Photo: Getty Images

MAKEUP: Andrea Helgadottir for M.A.C
HAIR: Ashley Javier for Ashley Javier Parlor and Kérastase
SNAPSHOT: Egyptian Elegance

THE SCOOP: Threeasfour's Gabi, Adi and Ange are known for their avant-garde silhouettes and their fall collection was no exception. Hair and makeup helped extend the story this season, taking on a Cleopatra-like feel that complemented the unusual shapes and metallic palette presented by the design trio Tuesday night.

Eyes and lips took center stage at the hands of makeup artist Andrea Helgadottir, who painted thick, black, winged lines around eyes for a strong eye that popped underneath netting that was placed over the models' faces. "All the girls have nets covering their faces so it's pretty strong," explained Helgadottir. "It's kind of this Egyptian Twist with the eye done in black." Beautiful skin was paired with nude lips that had just a hint of pink.

Hair echoed the curvature of the collection in the form of an S-shaped piece of hair pressed against the side of the face and an intricate bun that was flattened against the back of the neck -- courtesy of the netting covering the girls' heads. "The designers do a lot of things in terms of shapes and S-patterns and we wanted to do something to compliment their clothing, and do it in a way that was beautiful but still somewhat conceptual" said stylist Ashley Javier, who created the intricate style by basically pulling hair over to one side and then pulling it back. The end result? A slightly flattened shape in the back thanks to tucked-under hair held in place by the net. "It doesn't feel so much like a bun, but a headrest," Javier quipped.

Not quite how we would describe it, but definitely one of the more unexpected looks that we've seen.

All products by M.A.C. Line eyes with Blacktrack Fluidline and Smolder Eye Kohl pencil in waterline. Spot conceal face with Moisture Cover Concealer. Press Fleshpot and Myth Lipstick into the lip.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: Javier used a lot of Kérastase hair spray, spritzing and crimping pieces of hair for texture and hold. He created the S-shaped section using a curling iron. He then pulled hair to one side, and then pulled it back into a low bun. To finish, he covered girls' heads with big black hairnets to flatten and hold the bun in place.