Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen's line will live on without him. Photo: Getty Images

Looks like there's a silver lining for fans of Alexander McQueen.

Though the talented designer committed suicide last week, his eponymous fashion house will continue, as will a collection slated to appear during Paris Fashion Week, WWD reports.

Robert Polet, president and CEO of the Gucci Group, a division of PPR owning 51% of the McQueen label, confirmed the good news at a PPR annual results presentation, according to the paper.

"We believe in the future of the brand," Polet told the source. "Lee [the designer's real first name] was very proud of the people working in his company, and so am I."

In addition to the Alexander McQueen line -- which last season showed the infamous armadillo heels -- the company holds the McQ offshoot line, numerous collaborations (including the recent Target collection) and menswear and leather goods lines.

So, does the continuation of the McQueen brand mean that execs are on the hunt for a new designer and creative director? Probably so. The question is, who's capable of carrying on McQueen's envelope-pushing vision?

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