Justin Timberlake trace alaya william rast

Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala on their William Rast Fall 2010 runway. Photo: Getty Images

With Estelle, Jessica Biel and Anna Wintour sitting front row, Justin Timberlake's William Rast fashion show was the place to be last night.

Luckily, before the runway presentation, StyleList was invited backstage to talk to the man of the hour.

"It's biker culture mixed with nomadic," Timberlake said of he and partner Trace Ayala's Fall 2010 offerings.

"We were very inspired by the landscape of the Midwest -- the desert, dirt roads, mountains, Joshua trees, pine forests -- everything that comes with it,"

Which begged the question for the frequent "Saturday Night Live" guest star: If the collection was an "SNL" skit, what would it be called?

"Midwesternville, traveling gypsy something, nomadic... something in a box?" pondered Timberlake. "I did 'Omeletteville' and 'Plasticville,' so maybe it's 'Midwesternville,'" he told us. (Bring it on down, Justin!)

Whatever it was, JT's girlfriend Jessica Biel, clearly approved, grinning from ear to ear when Timberlake gave his finale bow and cooing to StyleList, "I looooooved it!" before running backstage.

Another Timberlake fan, Estelle, was equally impressed with both William Rast and some of the other shows she'd seen during the Fashion Week.

"Alexandre Herchcovitch was sick," she said. "Everything was emotional, it was so romantic. We were in Tunisia, then we were in Russia. Marchesa was shocking and romantic. And Jeremy Scott was graphic, shaped and beautiful. You just don't make clothes like that anymore. He's fun with it and I'm using all of Jeremy Scott's stuff for my shows!"

As for her own fashion ventures, the "American Boy" songstress says she wants to take it slow.

"There are some people [approaching me about my own label], but I don't want to be fake about it," she said. "I'm doing a jewelry line with Rachel Roy and I don't think that's as hard because it's jewelry. She has a fantastic team and I just give her my influences. Other than that, I'm just sort of scarred to do clothing, so I think I'd have to do a internship first and then go into it from there."

And where would she intern?

"I think someone like Jeremy Scott would be cool and I'd love to work under Donna Karan, because her draping is fantastic, she's second to none with draping and how fabric lays on the body," she said. "Donna would be great for the finer stuff and Jeremy because I just want to learn how to make his clothes!"

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