We always get a little nervous when celebrities muscle in on the size zero debate.

So, when the subject of skinny models was raised on "The View" -- with Skinny Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, filling in as a guest co-host -- we held our breath and reached for a shoehorn to help squeeze her foot into her mouth.

The conversation kicked off when Beckham mentioned the CFDA's Health is Beauty campaign to promote "healthier-sized models," which the designer deemed "good."

"I had a casting call last week and I had some terribly thin girls coming in and it wouldn't have worked," Beckham said.

Joy Behar then chimed in, calling skinny models "hangers for clothing," which prompted Beckham, wearing a stylish red frock, to stand up for Team Tiny.

"Most of these girls are naturally thin and I don't think that we should be discriminating against someone because they're too thin or too curvy or too large or whatever it is," she said.

(Hey, didn't she just say that she didn't cast "terribly thin" girls?)

But rather than giving a ringing endorsement for the skin and bones look, Beckham seemed to embrace all body types.

"What I loved about dressing Jennifer Hudson is how sexy she looked and it shows that you don't have to be tiny," Beckham said. "It's about getting the proportions right."

Beckham then offered to make a dress for curvy co-host Sherri Shepherd to wear to the Oscars.

She may play both sides like a politician, but it's nice to see a fashion icon -- albeit one who probably weighs less than our terrier -- speak up for embracing different body types.

Do you support Beckham's statements, or do you think the skinny starlet should eat a donut before she starts talking about weight issues?

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