American Idol judges

Which "American Idol" judge wants a lot of pants on the ground? Photo: AP

When StyleList heard that an "American Idol" judge was making preposterous demands for his or her on-camera wardrobe allowance, our first thought was Kara DioGuardi.

The songwriter always looks pulled together, and lately has been wearing an assortment of earrings that we've wanted to snatch right off her lobes.

So you can imagine our surprise to learn that the high-maintenance judge is reportedly Ellen DeGeneres.

We're big fans of the comedic talk show host, who replaced Paula Abdul at the judge's table, but wardrobe diva? C'mon. A classic polo, chic blazer, some special edition sneakers and she's good to go.

just doesn't strike us as someone who can't get dressed without her stylist's approval.

We took the question straight to Fox, "American Idol's" home, as well as the show's production company, to ask if they would care to refute the rumors that DeGeneres is demanding a $150,000 wardrobe allowance for Season 9.

StyleList received a "no comment" from both sources. Which, in our experience, usually means it's true.

Leaving us to ponder if Season 9 guest judge Victoria Beckham's love of all things couture may have rubbed off on the always casual DeGeneres. Or if Ellen just saw all those expensive looking T-shirts acerbic judge Simon Cowell fancies and wanted in on the casual luxury action.

Meanwhile, read about Beckham's stylish visit to Idol's Denver auditions.