If your hair is highly textured (translation: lots and lots of curls), it often has a mind of its own. One day it's frizzing; the next it's lacking shine.

Dry and fuzzy, untamed and unmanageable: it's the hair you love to hate. But when it's perfectly coifed and completely under control, highly textured hair is undeniably sexy and the envy of many.

Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and Hair Basics experts, says to keep this hair type from spiraling out of control, it's imperative to shampoo less. "Women with this type of hair are not too concerned with oily hair. Sometimes natural oils are better for this type of hair. Shampooing once a week helps with that," he notes.

And because this hair type tends to be on the dry side, conditioning daily is essential. "Every time you wet your hair, use a little bit of conditioner," says Gibson. "This will moisturize and give it the conditioning that it needs." A deep conditioning treatment is also recommended to replenish, restore and rehydrate-all of which will help with overall manageability.

While most of us go months without a cut, Gibson is firm on this hair type getting trimmed every four to six weeks. "Highly textured hair tends to get frayed on the ends more easily," says Gibson, making it appear untidy and undefined. As for the cut, Gibson says to opt for layers over a blunt cut. "You want there to be different variants and lengths so that you have a lot of fullness and sexiness."

When styling very curly hair, choose products that are more moisturizing and less drying. Lightweight styling creams, shine serums and leave-in conditioners will help define the curl, control frizz and enhance shine. Styling gels are also an option (and a product many women with this hair type swear by), but make sure to look for one that offers light and flexible hold so the hair looks and feels soft, not stiff and crunchy.

After applying styling products, allow the hair to air dry or use a diffuser. Once the hair is fully dry, you can use a small barrel curling iron to further define, smooth and separate the curl.

For even more tips on styling highly textured hair, check out our video (above) with Ted Gibson, who walks you through each curl-shaping step. Or, click through the gallery below for a visual step-by-step.