Project Runway Kids Model Jon Peters

Jon Peters' pint-sized styling. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

"Project Runway's" Season 7 took a trip to the primary grades last night to teach the designers' the ABC's of children's style. We were expecting temper tantrums and time-outs when a coterie of little girls swarmed the workroom, but only the designers got them.

Here's our Episode 6 recap:

The Itsy Bitsy Challenge: The designers are told to create age-appropriate, yet fashionable looks, for some little dolls (ages 5 to 8) who look like they were picked out of a line at the American Girl cafe. Actually, they are probably the lucky daughters of Lifetime network execs.

So Not Fair: Designer Jay Nicolas Sario is lead stylist for Gap Kids. Seth Aaron Henderson has an 11-year-old daughter who owns 200 pocketbooks. That's cheating! We're gonna tell Tim Gunn.

Tim Is Such a Bully: He comes back to the workroom on day two with one of his mischievous surprises. The designers are instructed to create a second, corresponding look for their runway models. And a warning is issued: "No maxi-me, mini-me" looks.

The Workroom:
"Is like 'Romper Room' on crack," according to designer Jonathan Peters, who finds children, in general, very scary. Yes, the little girls cut up scraps of fabric and played with the goodies on the BlueFly accessories wall, but wait... That is little girl crack.

It's the designers who show their inner children. Peters, who is doing a "kimono" for his child muse, busts up the room with a hilarious imitation of judge Michael Kors critiquing his work-in-progress. "It looks likes 'Memoirs of a Geisha' met Barney." And the designers play a game. It's called: "How long can our favorite designer Anthony Williams go without talking?" They tie a bandanna around his mouth, draw lips on it and count up to 14 minutes, 56 seconds. It is the longest Williams has ever gone without opening his mouth. Ever. That was fun. Can we play again?

The Guest Judge: Designer Tory Burch, little "Miss Popular" with big and little girls alike. We're surprised her signature flats were not mandatory for the runway show.

The Runway Show: Is like playing pretend. Refined little princesses accompanied by "mama" models in custom-made clothes. Funny, the "Models of the Runway" don't look anything like the car pool moms at the kids' school.

Best Line by a Judge: The honors return to Kors for his trashing of Jon Peters ill-conceived clothes which read way too sophisticated for his little girl. "She looks like she got caught in a tornado of toilet paper" Kors says. The designer was, however, not all mean. He told Peters' kid model she did a very good job on the runway.

Tag You're In
: The winner is Henderson for an edgy girl look in pink, black and white houndstooth accented with his signature zippers. Burch calls it "Something a little girl would dream of wearing." (Probably some moms, too.)

Kors praised his model's look for displaying, "the best tailoring we've seen this season." Jay Nicolas Sario, who came in second with a sophisticated look in plum and black, was bummed. He's thinking Gap executives are looking for Henderson's number.

Tag You're Out: It's designer Janeane Marie Ceccanti. The sweet California native gets trashed by all for creating cheap-looking" mall clothes." Heidi Klum might as well have said, "Na. Nah. Na. Nah. Nah." It was the second week in a row Ceccanti landed in the bottom three. And quite frankly, we were not surprised by her ouster after attending PR's runway finale show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York last week. Ceccanti's 10 piece casual collection seemed thrown together. She just wasn't making it work.