Beyonce Megan Fox

Bodacious Beyoncé and foxy Megan top best body surveys. Photos: Getty Images | Tony Barson,

Forget toilet seats. Men and women have found something new to fight over: Beyoncé and Megan Fox.

In a survey of 2,000 people conducted by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 24 percent of women named Beyoncé as the celebrity female with the sexiest body, while one in five men claimed Megan Fox had the best body, the Telegraph reports.

(Funny, they must have accidentally left our name off the list.)

Fox was also picked as the starlet men would most like to sleep with if given a "celebrity pass" according to the study, which was reportedly conducted to mark the DVD release of Fox's film "Jennifer's Body."

Hmmm. We smell a rat.

But while the fellas may drool over Fox, Beyoncé doesn't have much to complain about. The singer nabbed 34 percent of the male and female vote for best bottom, a quarter of all votes for best legs and 23 percent of the female vote for best cleavage, according to the paper.

Sheesh, girl -- save some for the rest of us.

Celeb look-alikes Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox each earned 19 percent of the male vote for best boobs, while Jolie reportedly edged out Fox in the best eyes category by one percent.

Men and women did find some common ground -- both genders reportedly ranked Keira Knightley as the prettiest actress (she earned 18 percent of the votes); Jennifer Aniston came in second, but did manage to pick up the best hair title, as well as the award for the celebrity people would most like to marry, according to the source.

And while Jolie only managed to snag 4 percent of that vote, she wasn't the study's biggest loser. Nope, that distinction goes to slim jim Victoria Beckham, who was reportedly singled out by both sexes for having the worst figure.

Awww... Who needs a hug?

Meanwhile, a recent survey also gave Kate Winslet top body raves thanks to her hourglass figure.