Sick of looking tired? Try The Socializer. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Grant

With all eyes on Canada (Vancouver 2010, baby!) we thought it would be fun to tell you about a Canadian superstar, but not in sports -- in skincare!

Elizabeth Grant skincare is sort of on the DL here in the states but it's huge in Canada. Seriously -- our neighbors to the north are religious about the line's anti-aging properties, thanks to a patented ingredient called Torricelumn, a mega-moisturizing compound that was originally used during World War II to heal wounds.

We love the newest product called The Socializer, which was created to depuff, refresh and de-fatigue the eye area if you, um, like to party a little too much (no -- not you!).

It's actually two products in one -- one easy-to-apply click pen for morning and one for nighttime.

Bright Lights (AM) cools and illuminates your eyes to fake a good night's sleep. Peptides reduce fine lines and natural mica instantly brightens dark shadows.

Late Nights (PM) is meant to be applied before you crash into bed. It contains a unique algae that works while you sleep to keep the are looking fresh, chamomile to soothe irritation, and Vitamin B to strengthen the skin.

Both formulas also have Torricelumn to fight eye crinkles.

Now you can stay for just one more drink and no one will be the wiser.