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DESIGNER: Naeem Khan

INSPIRATION: "A celebration of glamour with a touch of American classic sportswear and a hint of love, sex and rock & roll."

TOP LOOKS: Sparkles! Gold, silver, crystal -- you name it, it was there. The paillette-studded motorcycle jacket was brilliant as were the circular mirror paillettes on a sleeveless sheath. The finale gowns with silver beading and feather trim were just breathtaking.

The designer's wife, Ranjana Khan, has an extensive collection of mostly costume jewelry she makes and sells. This was her showcase too.

WHO WAS THERE: Socialites Jamee Gregory, Cece Cord, Michelle Herbert, party planner Colin Cowie, designer Rachel Roy

This show got the first bona fide standing ovation we've seen during fashion week in ages. This designer, still on the high received when Michelle Obama wore his gown for the White House's first state dinner, was completely in a celebratory mood. Khan is a society ladies' designer usually, but this collection was edgier than usual.

Perhaps his new-found fame is making him more confident to strike out in a more risky direction. Whatever it was, these dresses were sexy and embellished to the hilt. And we definitely got the rock n' roll feeling even without the music playing, though the live deejaying by Donna D'Cruz was a nice touch.