More school dress code drama. Photo: SSPL, Getty Images

Skirts are no stranger to dress code violations (we're pretty sure a few of our micro minis made it onto the high school vice-principal's Wall of Shame).

But, in a new twist, school dress codes that force schoolgirls to wear skirts could be banned on the grounds that they discriminate against transsexual students who prefer to live as boys, the Daily Mail reports.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission claims in a new 68-page report that such dress codes could be "potentially unlawful" with regards to transgender students, according to the paper.

"Pupils born female with gender dysphoria experienced great discomfort being forced to wear stereotypical girls' clothes -- for example a skirt," the Commission reportedly said.

But while the group has threatened "costly legal action" against schools that don't adjust their dress codes -- it is typical for students in England to wear uniforms -- sources tell the paper that it is unlikely that schools will do so.

"Uniform is a key issue for young trans people at schools," the report claims. "Many schools have strict uniform codes where boys and girls are required to wear particular clothes, for example, girls cannot wear trousers.

"This is all about giving schools information which will help them interpret the law," a Commission spokesman added.

"It's about schools taking a bit of time to consider their policies, how flexible they are in accommodating pupils with different needs, and what they might need to do to both help pupils get the most out of school and potentially avoid situations which might culminate in difficult and costly legal action."

Further regulations regarding school dress may reportedly surface in the fall, when the Equality Bill -- designed to end discrimination against minority groups -- is expected to be enacted.

Do you think UK schools should be more flexible in deference to transsexual students by, say, allowing females to choose skirts or trousers? What about male transsexual students -- should they be allowed to wear skirts to school? Leave a comment.

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