Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Photo: Mike Marsland,

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The annual Elle Style Awards took place in London last night (Monday, Feb. 22).

We expected to see fashion's elite dressed in their best fashion-forward looks. Instead, we were greeted with offbeat, unexpected outfits -- either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you personally feel about each look.

First off, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen demonstrated two very different looks. Classy fashionista Ashley went for a low-cut tulle-covered taupe gown -- vintage Christian Lacroix -- and Fendi platform shoes. The look was almost avant garde enough for Lady Gaga. Almost.

By contrast, edgy Mary-Kate went goth in an all-black, high-neck Lanvin ensemble.

Though we probably wouldn't opt for either look, it's nice to see the twins maintaining their distinct styles throughout the years. At the very least, they keep it interesting!

Kristen Stewart. Photo: GF,

Kristen Stewart

Next, we had the ever-bubbly Kristen Stewart, who half-smiled in a geometric print Pucci mini dress.

There's no doubt that Stewart has a great body, pretty features, and natural beauty.

But there's something about her too-harsh hairstyles and miserable facial expressions that always seems to keep her just short of gorgeous.

Kristen -- why so glum? You are famous, you are successful, and you get to wear your pick of designer clothes.

Please cheer up!

We'd love to see some extensions on Stewart -- maybe a long, loose braid over one shoulder, red lips, and a long, simple, jewel-toned gown.

We'll keep dreaming.

Claudia Schiffer. Photo: Getty Images

Claudia Schiffer

Model mom Claudia Schiffer went for a simple all-black look like Mary-Kate Olsen, just a little more subdued.

Schiffer wore a black 3/4 sleeve dress with black tights and booties. Her dress was so swingy and loose, it could easily have been a maternity number since the supermodel is expecting -- but since this is Claudia Schiffer, we know better. We're sure the frock still has a designer tag on it somewhere.

After all, under normal circumstances the statuesque Schiffer -- who still has lovely golden hair, a lithe body, and nearly wrinkle-free skin in her arsenal -- would never wear something so shapeless and, dare we say, a bit boring.

Overall, we'd say this red carpet was vastly different from the usual dress-to-impress gowns and "safe" looks. Maybe it was something about the London vibe that made celebs loosen up and take risks?

If you loved these outfits (or hated them!) let us know and leave a comment.

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