photo: WireImage

: Andrew Gallimore for MAC
HAIR: Marc Trinder for Charles Worthington
SNAPSHOT: Disheveled and wistful

THE SCOOP: Erdem is one of the hottest catwalk tickets every LFW, and with his trademark florals and feminine dresses, it's no surprise his gorgeous frocks have been seen on everyone from Keira Knightley to Michelle Obama to Sarah Brown. This season, the clothes are still beautiful, and Erdem's girls have more life experiences -- from the Peruvian Andes to Greenland -- to show for it.

"The inspiration for the makeup is a girl who's been through something," Gallimore explained before the show. "Not that she's suffered, but that she's experienced something. She's slightly disheveled looking, and her skin is dewy and creamy."

As for the hair, "We were going for a boho look," explained Trinder. "It was about being structured but undone."

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: Gallimore used MAC Studio Sculpt on skin and over lips to achieve a complexion that was somewhere between matte and dewy, "like an eggshell creaminess," he explained. To create a similar texture on the eye, he used the deep brown shade of Studio Colour Correctors. "It's the most like the skin of the eye," said Gallimore, "and we blended it out for an airbrush finish."

Gallimore then used Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved to create a look in which "the depth is around the lash line and then dissipates away and seamlessly blends out." Mascara was used only if girls had superpale lashes. "I wanted it to be a bit of a smoke stain and wistful," Gallimore said of the ethereal eyes.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: First, Trinder prepped the hair with Front Row Blow Dry Spray, then pulled it back into a sleek ponytail, which started at the crown of the head. "I've left floaty, wispy bits at the sides for that disheveled feel," he said. Trinder wove a fishtail through the hair, backcombed it slightly, and secured it into a knot with pins, leaving a tiny piece sticking out at the side.