Out of your favorite lipgloss? No problem. Reading the latest Allure in the doctor's office and want to remember to grab that new body scrub? Easy. Just feel like a quick pick-me-up? Done.

All you need is an iPhone or iPod Touch to use the free new app on iTunes for a beauty fix anytime, anyplace.

The app lets you read product descriptions, ratings and reviews, as well as add items to your shopping cart and place an order in a matter of seconds. You can also pull up "your list" from previous orders, making replenishment a breeze. Or, if you feel like browsing, and you know you do when you're sitting and waiting for your dermatologist appointment, you can search by category (e.g. Makeup, Bath + Body, Fragrance) or just look at new products.

Better make sure your credit card isn't a joint account...this app will enable the beauty addict within and when the urge takes over, you'd be amazed at how easy it is to fill that shopping cart with items you absolutely must have!