Kim Kardashian shows off her new fragrance. Courtesy Photo

Kim Kardashian is at it again.

The reality TV star and trend-setting socialite is adding another product to her list of entrepreneurial projects:a fragrance. We caught up with the jet-setter at the launch of her eponymous scent at New York's Fifth Avenue Sephora, where she spilled on all things beauty.

"Creating a fragrance is a real long process. You choose a fragrance house and have a conversation about all the memories you associate with scents. They could be good or bad - like, a certain smell might remind you of an ex-boyfriend, and that's no good! I knew I definitely wanted tuberose, gardenia and jasmine. After we went through about 12 different fragrances, we picked one and they modified it about 60 times. I love the final result!" Kardashian tells Stylelist.

The fragrance - which comes dressed in a sexy black bottle as voluptuously shaped as the star herself and is sold exclusively at Sephora - is a blend of Kardashian's favorite florals and tonka bean, vanilla orchid, musk, sandalwood, spice and a citrus element.

"When they suggested mandarin blossom would mix well with my ingredients, I thought 'I don't want oranges!' But then I smelled it, and it really does blend beautifully. I've learned so much I never knew about fragrance through this whole process," says Kardashian.

And the glam beauty has a sensual way of applying fragrance.

"I spray it all over my body first, before I get dressed. If you're wearing something like silk or satin, fragrance can stain it. And it picks up your chemistry better when you spray it right onto your skin," says Kardashian.

While red carpets and glitzy celeb-studded events are par for the everyday course for this Hollywood native, Kardashian won't step foot out of a limo without a couple of beauty essentials.

"Concealer is a must! I'm Armenian, and I have dark circles - so I need to make sure my concealer is great, because having that brightness under the eyes is super important to me. I have long lashes, but I like to accentuate them - either with a strip or individual lashes. Smoke & Mirrors makes my favorite lashes - the band is clear, so you can wear them very naturally or more dramatic," says Kardashian.

Might the always-thinking and promoting entrepreneur see more beauty products in the near future?

"For sure, I'm such a beauty girl. I especially love skincare - and my family has such different skin types. I'm dry, Khloe is more acne-prone and Kourtney is oily. My Mom has - what's the right word - 'mature' skin. I'd love to come out with products for everyone!"