Woman with chapped lips

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Q: I have really chapped lips. How can I treat them?

A: Dry, flakey lips are almost inevitable during the winter months. Not only are they exposed to the elements (wind, cold air, etc.), but the indoor heat is equally as dehydrating.

The most obvious thing to do for chapped lips is to moisturize. But it's important to know your ingredients: Look for lip balms with beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and emollient oils (think jojoba), all of which intensely hydrate and replenish lost moisture.

Another tip: stop licking. It may temporarily make your lips feel better, but saliva dries quickly, sucking moisture from the lips, which leads to greater chapping.

Using a humidifier at night could help relieve some dryness, too. The moisture from the humidifier restores the moisture your dry indoor heat has taken away.

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