Kim Kardashian Bebe Fall 2010 Fendi Fall 2009 bustier

Kim K. wearing Kardashians Bebe look at the Fall 2009 show, and a model on the Fall 2009 Fendi runway. Photo: AP | AFP/ Getty Images

Perhaps smarting from critics who have suggested that the Kardashian sisters' clothing line for Bebe looked too, um, familiar, middle sis Kim Kardashian has taken to her own blog to stick up for the creations.

True, there was a frock or two in Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's collection -- unveiled during New York Fashion Week -- that read a lot like something seen on the runway in seasons past (a certain hooded and bustiered Fendi dress has been mentioned).

But as Kim points out, familiarity should be no surprise to anyone who visits her neighborhood mall.

"The clothes you see in the chain stores at your mall are all inspired by designer, runway fashion!!! What stores like Bebe do is take runway fashion and use it as inspiration to create pieces that are wearable and accessible for everyone," the E! star writes." To say any of our pieces are knockoffs is to say every item in your mall is a knockoff."

But Kim might want to keep wearing the padded pink gloves she donned for a charity boxing match on this season's highly rated "Keeping Up with the Kardashians":

Last week, she was socked by criticism that the logo for her new fragrance wasn't exactly original. This week, "Project Runway's" Tim Gunn took a swipe at the sisters, lamenting that despite their alluring retail spell, the siblings should be famous for an absence of taste. Low blow, Tim!

Kim did not respond directly to his dig but did say that while she and her sisters are thrilled to have pieces from the Bebe collection in their own closets, they were even more delighted to see the designs paraded on the catwalk. "Khloe, Kourtney and I are extremely proud of what we've created," she wrote. So there!

Meanwhile, we hear Kim's next ambition is spritzing fragrances on QVC.