crystal renn vogue curvy

Vogue Italia has launched a microsite dedicated to curvy fashion. Photo:

Calling all you curvy ladies!

Vogue Italia's new Web site
is dedicating a section to you and all your womanly beauty.

Part of the magazine's regular site, Vogue Curvy's current homepage features video interviews with "plus-size" models Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller.

"I have a perfect body," Miller tells the site. "Men go crazy for it and I'm proud of my tummy."

It's also got clothing and accessories inspired by "Mad Men" bodacious bombshell Christina Hendricks, daily wardrobe advice (a Marina Rinaldi jumpsuit, anyone?), curvy icons (America Ferrera) and a curvy blog (designers who love curves and great places to shop.)

The site is also looking to appeal to other often over-looked women with Vogue Black, another microsite, featuring stories on Tyra Banks, Grace Jones and Ciara, with more on black beauty, runway stars and more.

And Vogue Talents features up-and-coming designers.

Non parla Italiano? No problem. The site is available in English, as well.

A little love for the rest of us? Bellissimo!

And while we're on the topic, check out our exclusive interview with Crystal Renn and whether she thinks 'plus-size' models are a fleeting trend.