Christina Hendricks has the curves men crave. Photo: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Well, ladies, we've got some good news and some bad news.

First, the good news: A new study has found that the male brain is programmed to admire a curvy female body, giving them a natural high akin to the buzz one gets from booze or drugs, the Daily Express reports.

(Hear that? It's the sound of our Spanx hitting the floor and a sprinkled doughnut going into our mouth.)

Of course, the bad news is that it might take a lobotomy to stop your guy from scoping out every D cup and Kardashian booty in his path.

In a study published by science journal PLoS One, a group of men -- with the average age of 25 -- were tested on their responses to photos of seven "shapely" women, according to the Express.

They were then reportedly shown "after" images of the same women in which fat had been taken from their waists and added to their butts with cosmetic surgery.

And the result? A whole lot of brain activity!

Though the women had the same percentage of body fat in each set of photos, the paper reports, the regions in the men's brains that respond positively to drugs and alcohol only went wild with the "after," hourglass-style photos.

"The boys' brains go bananas over bootylicious bodies," study co-author Dr. Steven Platek, a biopsychologist at Georgia Gwinnett College, told the Express. (Time out -- what scientist says "bootylicious"?!) "We discovered a key secret to sexual attraction and why men can sometimes not help themselves from looking at a woman –- their brains are programmed that way.

"The number of zeroes in Hugh Hefner's bank account show that men enjoy looking at women's bodies. But there's more to it than buying Playboy, Maxim or FHM.

"The results indicate that men's brains may be literally hardwired to be more attracted to the specific waist-to-hip ratio that more likely offers a healthy mate with high fertility and who can produce healthy children."

While it's nice to see that curvy girls like Crystal Renn have an edge over string beans like Kate Moss, researchers reportedly say the findings could explain why men have so much trouble keeping it in their pants.

Hmmm -- that lobotomy's sounding better and better...

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