As we've watched the Olympic figure skating competitions over the past two weeks, we've been dazzled by a captivating mix of seemingly superhuman athleticism, balletic artistry, theatrical drama - and glamorous fashion that lights up the arena (and our television screens) with glittering beauty.

So we got to thinking - How does a champion figure skater make up for the biggest competition of a lifetime?

We went straight to the source, and got the exclusive lowdown from the skaters themselves; read on to learn the beauty secrets behind the stunning smiles of the USA's Olympic figure skating team.

Rachael Flatt Olympics Ice Skating

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Rachael Flatt - Ladies Singles, 2010 National Champion

A senior at Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs, Flatt says she never leaves the house without cherry chapstick in her purse to get her through long training sessions in sub-freezing ice rinks.

"I don't use much liquid foundation because it has a tendency to crack after application. The temperature in a training rink is much colder than a large arena, so liquid foundation withstands that climate better," Flatt tells Stylelist.

And when it comes to costuming, the national champ looks to the stars for ideas. "My current long program costume was inspired by a gold dress that Taylor Swift wore," Flatt reveals.

Mirai Nagasu Olympics Ice Skating

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Mirai Nagasu - Ladies Singles, 2009 National Champion

Just 16 years old, this Los Angeles, CA native is the second youngest National Champion in history behind Tara Lipinski - and she's just beginning to have fun and experiment with all things makeup.

"I'm still learning the beauty secrets!" Nagasu told Stylelist from the Olympic Village.

The modest skater was overheard telling people at Nationals in January that this wasn't her "time" yet - but by competition's end, Nagasu had won herself one of only two spots on the ladies Olympic team.

And the two must-haves Nagasu will make sure she'll always have on hand in Vancouver? Lipgloss and blush - the two weapons that brighten and revive the complexion most beautifully.

Meryl Davis Olympics Ice Skating

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Meryl Davis - Ice Dance, Silver Medal, 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Known for her wispy, elegantly light style, 23 year-old Davis has been with skating partner Charlie White for longer than many marriages - 13 years. And when it comes to ice dancing, skaters often use dramatic operas and theater scores for music - which calls for some equally out-there makeup.

"Competition makeup is much heavier than anything I'd even come close to wearing in my everyday life, so I stay hydrated and take care of my skin so that the stage-like makeup isn't a problem," Davis tells Stylelist.

And her must-have item? "I love blush. Even if you skip all the other makeup in your bag, blush is a great way to make you feel beautiful and feminine, even on a 6am practice," says Davis.

Just like any other woman, Davis has had her share of beauty trip-ups. "One of the things I've run into several times is the red lipstick disaster. Nothing can add as much drama to your look as a good red lipstick, but it's tough to avoid the lipstick-on-the-teeth after a performance. I try to make sure I blot before heading to the ice, but I'm always checking to make sure it's my lips and not my teeth that are 'Big Apple Red'!"

Caydee Denney Olympics Ice Skating

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Caydee Denney - Pairs, 2010 National Champion

Effusively charismatic on the ice, 16 year-old Denney is treating herself to an offer from M.A.C. for a complimentary makeup session on the big day, though she usually does it herself - as she says her primping time allows her to calm down and center her thoughts come competition time.

"Putting on my makeup is a very relaxing experience for me. It allows me to think and visualize. Makeup and hair are always a big part of my preparation - I understand the importance of looking as good as I can on the ice for the judges, and for the fans." Denney tells Stylelist.

While Denney never leaves the house without lipgloss and powder, it's her fun blonde shag cut that steals the most attention.

"The cut I have now is great because I can shake and go and it just falls right back into place. My hair looks good because of my awesome hair designer, Omar Sassin in Tampa, Florida. He won the Olympic hair competition a few years ago and allowed me to hold his trophy before I left for Vancouver to bring me good luck!"

Tanith Belbin Olympics Ice Skating

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Tanith Belbin - Ice Dancing, 5 Time National Champion

Originally from Canada and now a dual United States citizen so she can compete with US partner Benjamin Agosto, the 25 year-old Belbin let us in on a little secret.

"Sometimes when I perform, I wear extensions depending on the way I style my hair. And I wash my hair daily with Pantene Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the way it gives my hair shine and keeps it healthy," Belbin tells Stylelist.

And the sometime model has a couple of beauty can't-live-withouts.

"I always make sure I have CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara and Outlast Lipstain because they stay on throughout my performances!" Belbin tells Stylelist.

Amanda Evora Olympics Ice Skating

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Amanda Evora - Pairs, 2010 National Silver Medalist

A New Yorker-turned-Texan, the 25 year-old Evora scored a surprise spot on the Olympic team after turning out a solid showing at Nationals with her partner, Mark Ladwig. And beauty plays a central role in her competitive prep.

"When I put my makeup on for competition, I see it as putting on my mask or 'game face.' It's important to feel beautiful to be beautiful," Evora tells Stylelist.

Evora's favorite products come from a close connection. "My partner's wife Janet got me into Mary Kay makeup. I use Bare Mineral Powder to give a natural glow to my skin and eye shadows to accent my eyes and connect them to my outfit. My 'can't leave home without' product is LORAC's Liquid Lipstick! It stays on throughout the whole competition without wearing away or getting on my outfits! The color I use is Sheer Emotion," says Evora.

And who better to ask for advice on keeping hair tied back than a skater who has to get through spins, throws and lifts without so much as a strand moving out of place?

"I've learned through the years that the "V" shaped hair pins make the best buns that stay together while performing the most difficult tricks! I know that many ballet dancers use these same pins to show off a classic bun."

Johnny Weir Olympics Ice Skating

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Johnny Weir - Men's Singles, 3 Time National Champion

If you're wondering why there's a man on the list, you clearly don't know Johnny Weir.

The 25 year-old star of the biographical documentary - Pop Star On Ice - is the wild card of the skating world. Known for his creative costuming (PETA came knocking on his door for the last one), catty comments about rival Evan Lysacek and overall dramatic style (he was the inspiration behind the over-the-top costumed "Jimmy MacElroy" character in Blades of Glory), Weir is equally open about his time spent in front of the mirror.

When we asked the number one product he wouldn't be caught dead without on the ice, Weir replied, "I'll give you FIVE. M.A.C. Blot Powder, Cle de Peau Concealer, M.A.C. Bronzing Powder, Yves Saint Laurent Concealer and M.A.C. Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige."

And much like team mate Rachael Flatt, the Pennsylvania native looks to the stars for costume ideas.

"I feel so inspired by Lady Gaga's fashion. She is such a risk taker and always leaves an impression. When I design costumes, I try do the same thing and make something nobody will forget."

Emily Samuelson Olympics Ice Skating

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Emily Samuelson - Ice Dance, 2010 National Bronze Medalist

Having just slightly edged out another team at Nationals to win the nomination of a lifetime to the Olympic team with her partner, Evan Bates, Samuelson is a creature of habit when it comes to getting pretty.

"Before competition, I always have the same routine. I start by doing my hair in whatever style it needs to be in - and spray with tons of Extreme Hold hairspray. Then I go on to my eye makeup and clean the remnants of eye shadow that have fallen to my cheekbones. I'll put my foundation on after that and then blush and bronzer. I finish off with lipstick, which has lately been one of those stay-on-forever liquid lipsticks. I love them because they don't smudge and stay on during warm-up and competition," Samuelson tells Stylelist.

And don't even think about touching her mascara.

"I love my Maybelline XXL Mascara, I use it nearly every day! I have one in my purse, one in my car, and at least one at home so I can never completely lose them!" says Samuelson.

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