We love that feeling we get upon entering Sephora -- like we've entered a magical world of beauty where anything is possible.

Often, we find ourselves magnetically drawn to the large black fixture housing Sephora's in-house brand, Sephora Collection. It's full of bright, playful colors -- at a fraction of the price of the store's other brands -- that make us lose all control, transforming us into crazy people who layer on every shade, all at once.

Besides the obvious pretty colors, Sephora Collection also prides itself on innovating new beauty trends and partnering with major players in beauty and fashion for limited edition products. We recently got a sneak peek at Sephora Collection's upcoming offerings for Summer 2010, which will launch this May.

Here's the stuff that'll land us in the insane asylum. Now that's what we call being committed to beauty.

Sephora Collection Color Play 5-in-1, available in May. Photo: Courtesy of Sephora

Color Play 5-in-1
Where do we even start with the awesome-ness of this makeup kit? It's actually a case of five smaller color palettes that can each pop out and become portable. You get a total of 50 eye shadows, 10 lip color and five blushes, and it only costs $29.50. We smell a hit!

Mineral Loose Powder Foundation
The newest foundation from Sephora Collection is a 97% pure mineral formula that gives a natural, matte finish and has antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage. But mineral makeup has been around for ages so at a press event for beauty editors, Sephora Collection director Catherine Gore explained what makes this mineral powder different from all the others: "It does not contain any mica, which can make pores look larger and sometimes have a grayish hue."

I.T. Makeup Brush Collection
When was the last time we saw anything new with makeup brushes? Exactly. These new guys were designed by renowned architect Philippe Di Méo (Yes -- an architect! That's hard core!) to be lighter, more streamlined and easier to handle. The result is a more airbrushed-looking makeup application. And they come with individual caps that keep the bristles from getting smushed, which we think is thoughtful.

Edun for Sephora Palettes
Mark your calendar and get them while you can! Sephora partnered with eco-responsible clothing company Edun to create two limited-edition palettes packaged in a sustainably-harvested wood case and organic cotton pouch. All the proceeds go to Conservation Cotton Initiative within the Wildlife Conservation Society to help African farmers develop organic cotton in a way that supports their community and preserves biodiversity.

Once you get the goods, you better learn how to use them. Check out this tutorial on how to do a smoky eye.