Bravissimo Underwear Ad Campaign

Web producer Jess Edwards, 21 (left), and senior business analyst Patricia Arteaga, 34 (right), pose for Bravissimo. Photos courtesy of Bravissimo

Talk about customer service.

Rather than hiring models for its latest advertising campaign, British lingerie brand Bravissimo cast five real-life customers in a new ad that celebrates curves.

The label, which specializes in bras for large breasts, tells StyleList that they contacted customers asking them if they'd like to pose in the new campaign.

After 600 applications and 40 castings, Bravissimo hired five voluptuous women -- Jess Edwards, Leela Tikador, Katie Hardy, Riann Quinn and Patricia Arteaga -- to star in the vintage pinup-themed shoot.

The lucky ladies range in age from 21 to 34 and include students, a web producer, marketing administrator and a senior business analyst.

"It's given me confidence in myself and in my body," 21-year-old Jess Edwards, who wears a 30HH bra, says of the campaign. "I'm also really proud of myself, that I've had the confidence to show off my curves to the nation."

Bravissimo Underwear Ad Campaign

23-year-old graphics student Leela Tikador (left), and 24-year-old student Katie Hardy (right). Photos courtesy of Bravissimo

"The Bravissimo campaign promotes healthy body image by showing that real women can look fantastic too," spokesman Anna Prince told the Daily Mail.

"Our customers have told us that they would prefer to see images of real women than of models. The girls we have chosen are beautiful yet attainable."

Not anymore. Something tells us these gals' phones will be ringing non-stop once the fellas clap eyes on these sexy shots.

Bravissimo isn't the only fashion fixture to promote "regular" women as opposed to stick-thin models; Germany's Brigitte Magazine recently launched an issue featuring only non-models in its fashion pages, while Bobbi Brown used "real women" in her Pretty Powerful shots.

Be afraid, Kate Moss -- be very afraid.

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