Principles by Ben de Lisi for retailer Debenhams new ad campaign does not discriminate. Photo courtesy of Debenhams

Just last week Debenhams unveiled size 16 mannequins in its store windows.

Now the British department store is set to become the first UK high street retailer to feature a disabled model in its campaign, the Daily Mail reports.

Starting today the windows of the Oxford Street flagship in London will feature a Principles by Ben de Lisi campaign starring 32-year-old Shannon Murray, who uses a wheelchair, according to the paper.

Murray, who reportedly broke her neck at age 14 and has been using a wheelchair ever since, was photographed alongside three other models of varying sizes: Kate Fullman (UK size 16), Tokumbo Daniel (UK size 10) and petite Tess Montgomery.

The campaign is in conjunction with the latest series of British fashion show "How to Look Good Naked," which is focusing on disabled women, the source reports.

"It is a first and as I was getting ready in hair and makeup, the potential of this shoot suddenly struck me -– another small step towards inclusion and representation," the paper reported.

"I hope the images challenge a few misconceptions about disability; it's been a long time coming."

The new ad campaign for Debenhams feautres a model who uses a wheelchair. Photo courtesy of Debenhams

"The shoot has taken place and the photos are absolutely fabulous," a store spokesman told the Daily Mail. "I really believe this is a genuine step towards having a much greater variety of faces fronting campaigns on the high street."

Disability advocates have also spoken out in favor of the new campaign.

"As long as the campaign is more than just a brief moment of tokenism then I think it should be welcomed," Clair Lewis of the Direct Action Network reportedly said.

"Britain is a varied place filled with women of different sizes and ethnic backgrounds. The models and high street windows should reflect that variety but all too often they don't."

So is the fashion world ready to accept more disabled models into its embrace? We're waiting.

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