To tip off sales of her Spring/Summer 2010 wallet-friendly Rachel Rachel Roy collection, designer Rachel Roy tapped indie director Jennifer Venditti to create an artsy film, dubbed Miroir Mirror.

"I have admired Venditti's work for a while and was thrilled to collaborate," explains Roy of the project. "She is inspiring and creative while her work is chic, feminine and youthful, but still powerful and strong, just like the girl I design for."

The whimsical five-minute flick, which premieres on today, follows a young woman clad in a drab sweatshirt and leggings as she uses the power of fashion -- courtesy of a Rachel Rachel Roy wardrobe comprised of a peach Lolita-esque sundress, a black and white shift with off-kilter buttons, a chic romper paired with a marching band hat and Charlie Chaplin-inspired casual suiting -- to transform her formerly dull life into something light and fun.

At the end of the film, as the heroine (who sometimes speaks French) steps onto the other side of the looking glass into a colorful world, she encounters a stop sign that reads "Stop Worrying," which Roy says "signifies something different to everyone."

"Essentially, it means that we should stop worrying about what others think and express ourselves however we feel," she says. "As a designer, I hope to create pieces that encourage girls to express themselves. We should live life."

Roy's new collection, which she says "is designed for those brave enough to be individuals and to chart their own way in life" will be available at Macy's and on and

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