Sixteen year-old Blair Fowler, left, and 21 year-old Elle Fowler, right, were the youngest (that we know of, anyway) makeup artists at New York Fashion Week. Courtesy Photos

We've got 13 year-old bloggers sitting front row at Paris Couture, 10 year-old fashion designers roaming about New York Fashion Week, and 15 year-olds starting skin care companies.

Not to mention the 5 year old fashion reviewer whose scathing runway reviews made our Fashion Week.

But now, it's time to add another pair of baby-faced experts to the list of children who are more successful than you are.

Blair and Elle Fowler - YouTube sister stars known for their DIY beauty and fashion tutorials that garner millions of hits - were the youngest ever makeup artists at New York Fashion Week, at just the age of 16 and 21 respectively.

As one would imagine, working backstage amid the hustle and bustle of fashion's most dazzling shows was quite the departure for these two Kingsport, TN natives.

"Backstage was intense and fast-paced. There were people everywhere; models, makeup artists, hair stylists, press - yet everyone had a place and knew what they were doing. There was a lot of excitement in the air everywhere we went. It's the experience of a lifetime," Elle tells Stylelist.

The look the sisters created for Minnie Mortimer. Courtesy Photo

With makeup looks that can border on the bizarre and theatrical at the shows, these two have some homegrown advice on how to capture the inspiration behind a look without looking like a beauty victim.

"When you see the crazy makeup looks at fashion week, most women just assume they could never pull the look off. That's where they're wrong! All you have to do is tone down a little bit," Blair advises.

"For example, if the runway look is bright red lips with intense black smoky eyes and lashes, opt for a grey shadow just on the outer corner, two coats of mascara and a red lip stain with berry gloss over top. Get the inspiration from the runway looks, then make it your own," she says.

Not only did the sister duo wield makeup brushes at the Minnie Mortimer show, they also walked in the Clandestine show, covered the trends at Twinkle and attended collections like Kim Kardashian for Bebe as guests. Yet one look stood out in particular for both of the girls.

"I liked Minnie Mortimer's nautical Hollywood glam look - fresh faced with bright orange-red lips. It was a modern twist on a very 1950's red carpet look," says Elle.

But Blair preferred the nude lips and smoky eye seen at Twinkle.

"Clear lip gloss was added over the matte black eyeshadow on the lids and gave it a shiny, glistening effect. Yes, lip gloss on eye lids! The matte against the glossy look was very unexpected, yet super glamorous."

And with a New York Fashion Week under their belt, the girls have taken notes on how to better prepare for next time.

"Something I learned this fashion week is pack more black! I noticed that most of the makeup artists, hair stylists and press backstage was wearing black, while I was in my bright pink shirt. I stood out like a hot pink sore thumb!" says Blair.

We hate to break the news to Blair - but being the lone 16 year-old backstage, you're going to stand out no matter what.