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If you thought blondes having more fun was just a myth, you might want to think again. According to a study out of Nottingham Trent University, women who dyed their hair blonde found new confidence and self-esteem with their new 'do. They also reported an increase in the fun factor of their lives.

The research, commissioned by the hair care company, Clairol, found that females who dyed their hair in shades from platinum to strawberry enjoyed increased confidence in themselves and their abilities at work.

"The big thing that came across to me was how it impacted work place behavior," lead researcher Dr. Mark Sergeant told the Daily Mail. "After coloring their hair they were much more likely to ask for their raise, challenge their boss or put their foot down when confronted by a coworker."

Interestingly enough, this new found confidence went beyond the workplace and into the bedroom as well. "Dyeing their hair seems to make women feel more confident, more sexually assertive," Sergeant added. "They were more likely to solicit attention from people who didn't they know and there was a definitely shift in being much more sexually adventurous."

And, that's not all. Golden locks also proved to increase confidence in other areas too. Nearly half of 205 women polled reported that they were more likely to sing or dance in front of strangers at a social event after going blonde. The same number also said they would be more likely to ask someone out, initiate sex, or even raise a complaint while dining at a restaurant. You go girl!

In addition to women feeling differently towards themselves, they also feel men treat them differently. Sergeant stated that women believe "if you dye your hair red, most men see you as being fiery. If you dye your hair blonde, men see you as bubbly and fun."

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