Newly engaged Carrie Underwood wears a huge rock. Photo: Valerie Macon, AFP/Getty Images

Hands up, Carrie Underwood! Big engagement bling is so last season.

At least that's the word from New York City brides, who have replaced their rocks with simple wedding bands to be avoid being judged, they tell the New York Post.

Yep -- apparently having a doorknob on your ring finger is kinda tacky. Who knew?

Instead, women -- including leading ladies like Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep -- are opting for understated wedding bands, the paper reports.

"Why go around with a massive diamond on your hand," wedding blogger Claudia Copquin tells the source. "There's no need to make any kind of statement."

(Buh, buh, buh -- we like shiny things!)

The recession could also be to blame for this bling backlash. The paper spoke to one woman who worried that her rock was "too flashy" given the economic downturn.

"Some said it looked just as blingy as the other recently engaged girl in the office who had been sporting a tacky, over-the-top zirconium as a place holder while her custom rings were being made," the woman told the Post.

"It made me a bit overaware of its presence for a while."

Then there are those gals who are afraid of being judged because their diamonds are too small.

"I'm not materialistic at all, but I know what women in New York are like," another woman told the paper of her modest engagement ring, which she replaced with a spotlight-stealing topaz ring before sticking to just her wedding band.

And let's not forget the ladies who just don't want to flash an ugly ring picked out by a well-meaning -- if a bit sartorially challenged -- man.

"Many people didn't realize it was an engagement ring because it's not a diamond," a New Jersey designer said of her emerald rock.

"I always noticed people's eyes going to my hand, and it felt like I was being judged. I just wanted to take that off the table."

So she did -- and now reportedly just wears her Tiffany wedding band.

Looks like this doesn't apply to "The Bachelor" winner Vienna Girardi!

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