Kellie Pickler Pixie Cut

Kellie Pickler's sassy new pixie cut. Photo: Getty Images

From blonde to brunette and then back to blonde again, Kellie Pickler is one celebrity who isn't afraid to try new things. In addition to color, the southern small-town country singer just made another drastic change to her hair -- this time, taking it bold with an ultra short new pixie cut.

Why the change? "My hair started falling out!" Pickler explained to People Magazine. "It was so damaged I looked like a scarecrow so I chopped it off!"

While entertaining the troops in Iraq and Kuwait during a recent USO trip to the Middle East, Pickler's hair began falling out due to all of the chemical processing of changing colors so often. "I had two choices - look like a scarecrow or cut it," she said.

Perhaps following a new trend that began with other stars like Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham with their short feminine 'dos, Pickler is happy with her new look which she says reminds her of another country star and idol. "Having short hair makes me feel like I set my self apart [style wise] from the other women in country music," she stated. "I remember being in love with Lorrie Morgan's hairstyles growing up. I've always thought she was beautiful and confident."

When asked what her boyfriend, Nashville songwriter Kyle Jacobs, thinks, Picker replied, "Kyle could care less. He'd love me if I was bald, and vice-versa. What he and I have is very special. Unconditional. God blessed me with a good man." A good man, a good career and now a good new look -- Pickler is one lucky gal these days.

If you think Kellie Pickler looks different now, take a look at her early American Idol look! Which style do you prefer?