If you ask women what their desert island beauty product would be, the overwhelming answer always has to do with lips.

And there's good reason for that.

No matter the environment we're in, our lips are the first to show it: Chilly winters bring flakes, while steamy summers can burn us dry. We also decorate our lips according to mood; if we want a hint of glamour, we paint 'em red. If we're going for date night sexy, we break out the glossy nude.

But nowhere is there a greater minefield of problems than our pout. From chapped skin to lipstick feathering to cold sores, a gloopy and gunky lip can ruin our whole look and mood.

The good news? StyleList has your back.

Read on as we find solutions to the frustrating lip problems that have been plaguing you forever, and learn how to easily fix them so you can enjoy the softest, sexiest and most kissable lips ever.