Don't mess with Louis Vuitton on the court or you could end up in court.

The luxury titan is suing auto company Hyundai over a Super Bowl XLIV commercial that aired during the Feb. football game, reports Business Week.

According to the complaint, the heated argument is over the use of LV's famous logo, which appears on a basketball briefly in the car maker's commercial (check out the above video).

The "designer" ball is featured in a basketball court scene as part of the overall luxurious "everyday" living message which includes a giant yacht parked between suburban homes and policemen noshing on caviar.

Even though a record-breaking 106 million people watched the New Orleans Saints overcome the Indianapolis Colts, the French company isn't so keen on the association and is taking Hyundai to a different kind of court.

Louis Vuitton filed a trademark infringement suit in Manhattan Federal Court today against the Korean company. The high end company's lawyers argue that "Hyundai's conduct is likely to both dilute the distinctiveness and tarnish the reputation of the LVMH marks," reports the news site.

Hey, prices have to stay up somehow, and as far as reputation goes, Louis Vuitton isn't exactly making luxury for the everyday woman.

Trademark infringement seems to be the fashion industry's case du jour. Marc Jacobs is currently battling Ed Hardy in court over allegedly copied designs.