Stephen Moleski is the secret behind those long, lush Kardashian lashes. Photo: Getty Images

Love 'em or loathe 'em, we can all agree that the Kardashian ladies do makeup well.

From Kim's smoky eyes to Kourtney's dewy skin to mom Kris' shimmering lips, their perpetually perfect makeup is jealously-inducing.

Not to mention those lashes. Those impossibly long, thick lashes.

We used to chalk them up to good genes and maybe a little help from Latisse, until we spoke with Stephen Moleski, the featured makeup artist on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We can now confirm that the Kardashian clan gets their full fringe at the hands of Moleski, who has been customizing his own faux lashes for years.

After using his own creations on numerous clients and getting request after request for the brand name, Moleski decided to start up his own lash venture, Smoke And Mirrors Beauty. StyleList caught up with the makeup artist on the set of another of his reality shows, Dance Your Ass Off, snagging an interview between touch-ups.

StyleList: What makes your lashes different than what's already on the market?
Stephen Moleski: Mine are 100 percent human hair and they're attached to a silicone band which is much more flexible and easier for a non-pro to apply on a daily basis. They blend seamlessly with your lashes, unlike some fakes that are attached with string or cord.

Photo: Courtesy of Smoke and Mirrors Beauty

SL: How do you keep the prices affordable?
SM: I worked with our manufacturer to get the best quality possible at a reasonable price (under $15), especially when certain companies are charging $50 for a set of false lashes that just don't have to cost that much. We also donate a portion of the proceeds from the lashes to Heather's Hope, an organization that donates money to charities around the world that help children affected by HIV and cancer.

SL: You have seven different lash sets in the line, what's the difference between them?
SM: The most soft and delicate ones are Chicago, Nashville and Atlanta, in descending order. The most dramatic, but still fairly natural-looking are New York, Miami, Hollywood and, of course, Vegas. But, you can wear any of these with or without a full face of makeup. They're that blendable.

SL: Any lash application tips for the average gal?
SM: When you slide the lashes off the case, first bend them into a crescent shape that fits your eye, then trim them from the outer corners to the length you need. Use lash glue sparingly! A little goes a long way and my favorite brand is Duo Adhesive, which you can get at any drugstore.

All seven styles of false lashes are $13.50 each and are available at Smoke And Mirrors