Women who are both full figured and tall often have trouble finding clothes that fit both their curves and their height.

In this episode of "My Body, My Style," stylist Sam Saboura teaches Zhaleh to find a casual outfit that will both balance out her voluptuous curves, as well as complement her tall frame.

Zhaleh, who has a full figure and height to spare, finds getting dressed tricky, so Saboura puts together an outfit using pieces that appropriately accentuate her body type.

He opts for layers to break up her long look -- pairing a floaty top with a longer sweater to balance out her curves and height. Saboura chooses fabrics and styles that reduce the fullness of her appearance and hug her curves in all the right places.

Whether you're pear shaped, have a long torso, or are full-figured, you won't want to miss the rest of our tips for finding the best clothes for your shape, in the "My Body, My Style" series, and shop Styled by Sam Saboura exclusively on HSN.