Anne Hathaway. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris,

The dresses may look picture-perfect, but Oscar night almost always comes with some last-minute scrambling behind the scenes. With the 2010 Oscars nearly upon us, we asked some of Hollywood's top stylists to spill their favorite "oops" moments from the Oscars and other high-profile events of the past:

Zip It Good

"One of the biggest stylist's nightmares is that a zipper will break or get stuck. With one actress, the zipper of a purple ruffled Dior gown wouldn't budge as we were about to step out on red carpet. I ran to my car, got a pair of Dr. Rey Shapewear, which is like Spanx times 100, and some Zipper Ease, a zipper lubricant, and got the zipper up. She got to the red carpet and no one knew." -- Anya Sarre

Red, Red, Wine
"At one event, Anne Hathaway was wearing a white Valentino strapless silk knee-length dress and someone spilled a glass of red wine down the front. She was completely unruffled by the whole thing." -- Jamee Gidwitz

All Choked Up
"Several years ago, I was dealing with a very large, well-known actress who was up for a nomination. The necklace she wanted to wear didn't fit her neck. You can't send these things back two days before and say 'give me an extra four inches.' Fortunately, she wore hair longer in back, so I took the chain and threaded it through various strands on either side of the necklace, creating an extender that would allow her to wear it." -- Michael O'Connor

Dress Drought
"Years ago, I was dressing Selma Hayek for her first time at the Oscars. Back then, few designers (mainly just Giorgio Armani, Versace and Bob Mackie) were dressing Hollywood. Giorgio Armani invited Selma to fly Paris for his show, and she found out the day we were leaving that she was presenting at the Oscars. She's very loyal and wanted to wear Armani, but was concerned about the fact that there weren't a lot of Armani gowns to choose from. Luckily, we found a beautiful nude sequin tank gown that was pretty elegant and Selma really liked it. We added a real vintage tiara and heavy blue eyeshadow -- it looked elegant and chic." -- Phillip Bloch

Heads Up
"I lent a platinum and diamond hair clip to an actress to wear. She was concerned that wearing something in her hair wouldn't be as secure as a pin on her dress. I told her not to worry and used hair spray and combs to affix the piece, which was heavy. As she came through with the press following her, she turned her head to look at me and the piece gave way and went flying into the air. Someone else grabbed it!" -- Michael O'Connor

Heel the World
"I dressed a presenter at the Oscars and as soon as she stepped on stage to present, the heel broke on her Jimmy Choos. She faked it on the ball of her foot, read the names and laughed where appropriate, presented the award, hugged the recipient and walked off stage. She really pulled it off and no one knew." -- Jamee Gidwitz

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