We have no problem with Pattinson's scruffy style.Photo: Jamie McCarthy, WireImage.com

An echo of Beatlemania could be heard the length of Fifth Avenue on Monday as British hunk-throb Robert Pattinson premiered his new film, "Remember Me," in New York City.

Crowds of screaming pre-teen girls were penned behind police barricades on three sides of Manhattan's Grand Army Plaza as Pattinson and -- OMG OMG OMG! - his "Twilight" co-star/reputed girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, walked the red carpet... separately.

Pattinson took time to meet fans and sign autographs before walking the press line with co-stars including Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan.

But the gossip among reporters was about the unusually strict press junket which had taken place earlier in the day.

In interviews, Brosnan had joked that Pattinson's personal style involved "not combing his hair or brushing his teeth."

Ever the good sport, Pattinson responded to Brosnan's jest in a separate interview. But the studio, who controlled the camera used for filmed interviews, declared that questions about the star's "personal hygiene" were "inappropriate" and erased the tape!

Judging by the reception of "Remember Me" on Monday night, however, the only odor the studio need worry about is the sweet smell of success.

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