There are three words certain to make us break out in a cold sweat: Model. Slash. Actress.


The latest beauty to follow in the underwhelming acting footsteps of Cindy "Fair Game" Crawford and Gisele "Taxi" Bundchen? British supermodel Agyness Deyn, who is starring in the new short film, "Mean To Me," reports the Daily Mail.

The 12-minute black and white film noir, created by artists David McDermott and Peter McGough, casts the catwalker as a woman rejected by her wealthy lover, played by "Law & Order" actor Linus Roache, according to the paper.

Deyn, gorgeously sporting a Zac Posen gown accented with a pearl necklace and retro finger waves, reportedly puts her acting chops to good use, playing a smitten lover one second before turning on the waterworks and serving up a nasty slap the next.

Okay, so it's no "Citizen Kane" -- unless, of course, you compare it to, say, 90 percent of the other films helmed by models.

The performance has even earned raves from the likes of Vanity Fair writer George Wayne, who reportedly gushed that Deyn is "the next Faye Dunaway."

"A star is born," director McGough reportedly enthused.

So, does this mean Deyn will abandon her rumored online magazine for the bright lights of Hollywood? Or will she go back to her day job of dating rock stars and tripping on the runway?

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