Latisse may be a new hope for hair loss. Photo: Getty Images

Latisse for hair growth? Maybe.

As women flocked in waves to buy the first FDA-approved prescription lash growth product this year, we weren't the only ones wondering if the product was just steps away from a potential cure for baldness too.

At a breakfast this morning in New York where Latisse revealed new spokesmodel Claire Danes, Allergan Chief Medical Officer Dr. Frederick Beddingfield let it peep that top-secret initial experiments are underway at Allergan to see how growing lashes can translate into growing hair on the tops of our heads.

Although the doctor was mum on further details, he did say that translating lash growth technology to hair growth is much trickier than one would think - as the skin around our eyes behaves very differently from the follicles found on top of our heads.

Popular hair loss treatments today are limited in what they can do. Topical Rogaine creams and the drug Propecia both work by enlarging existing hair follicles, so hair stunted by shrunken follicles has a chance of growing through. Yet there's currently no product on the market that is proven to sprout new hair growth.

If Allergan succeeds in their experiment, we predict this will be one beauty product that men will happily stand in line for.