Pamela Anderson
may be long past her red swimsuit "Baywatch" prime, but the bombshell still knows how to use her, um, best assets.

The busty blonde is featured in a racy new commercial for online Australian company Crazy Domains playing a boardroom boss in a low-cut (of course) corporate suit.

But Pammy doesn't keep her clothes on for long. As the subject of a male employee's fantasy, the knockout ends up in a barely-there gold bikini writhing with her scantily-clad female "co-worker" played by brunette beauty Nicola Simpson.

If bikinis and beach babes aren't enough, the Perth-based company douses the girls in milk and there's even a provocative boob and butt bump bit that's sure to inspire an Internet geek-out. (Or a Milli Vanilli moment.)

Apparently, some viewers aren't so pleased with the in-your-face risqué nature of the ad. The Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau has banned the commercial after receiving a flood of complaints which included:

"IT IS ALL ABOUT sex, got nothing to with domains, unless it's to start a porn site."

"The ad is misogynist. There is no connection between breasts and domain names, but the ad uses highly sexualized female bodies to sell its product."

"It sends a terrible message to young women; namely what they look like has more bearing than their authority in the workplace."

Crazy Domains defended itself by pointing out that the fantasy was never meant to be realistic, but the Advertising Standards Bureau president, Fiona Jolly, isn't buying it. "It's meant to be a cheeky, over-the-top depiction, but in the bureau's view it did cross the line," she told Australia's Nine MSN news.

Now Crazy Domains' managing director is calling foul and blaming "feminist bloggers" for the ban.

What do you think? Is the commercial too sexy for the tube or have some Aussies overreacting? Leave a comment.

Meanwhile, those who can't get enough of Pam, need not fret. The pop culture looker is slated for the next edition of "Dancing With the Stars."