"Fierce" dresses and "hot tranny messes" are "so yesterday."

That is according to the prolific fashion designer and most successful "Project Runway" winner to date, Christian V. Siriano, in a Bravo television special debuting April 5 on Bravo.

The one-hour "Christian Siriano: Having a Moment" features the ambitious young designer preparing for his third trip to New York Fashion Week to show his Spring 2010 collection, fitting models and celebrities for his runway show and getting ready for pressure-filled meetings with retail buyers. Meetings, he tells viewers, that could make or break his design business.

Though Siriano has a deal with Bravo to possibly develop a reality series, he previously told StyleList in an exclusive interview that he was leaning toward just doing an hour-long special.

At the time, he was uncertain if he wanted the intrusion that a series would cause in his daily life as he builds a full-fledged fashion empire.

Siriano describes the upcoming special, filmed in 2009, as a look into his "craziest year ever," and for once he's no being overly dramatic. In the past 12 months, he's had a Golden Globes red carpet moment, expanded his collection of shoes for Payless and his "Fierce Mamas" maternity line and recently showed his well-received Fall 2010 collection at New York Fashion Week.

We asked Bravo if the special means Siriano definitely won't be doing more for the network, and they only answered, "This is a special." Hmmm....

We learn from Siriano in a sneak peek video just released by the network (watch it above) that Mr. Fierce he has moved on from the signature phrases which endeared him to fans and judges alike on Season 4 of "Project Runway."

Now, he gives things his sweeping stamp of approval with "J'adore," which he says in an affected accent; "genius" (also pronounced with flourish) and when he's feeling especially brilliant he's, "having a moment." When he needs to abbreviate, he just says, "moment."

In segments, filmed last year, we get to see Siriano having more than a few fashionable moments. His datebook shows an appointment with singer Estelle's stylist and a red carpet dress fitting for the Emmy awards. Bravo tells us it is with "30 Rock" actress Katrina Bowden.

Also in the special, actress and reality star Tori Spelling dropping by the designer's studio with her husband, Dean McDermott, to choose a dress to wear to Siriano's runway show.

Spelling wants the hem of a brown dress yanked up higher, but then frets it may look "slutty." Siriano later tells the camera that he won't let stars leave his "workroom" looking bad. "It wasn't short, it wasn't too slutty. If it was too short, I'd be like, 'lady, let's check your license, not cute anymore."

We're thinking it would great to see the cameras catch him leaping to his own defense with the stylist who panned the "big" peachy keen Golden Globes dress Siriano designed for actress Christina Hendricks.

It will be fun to catch up with him. Even if just for a moment.